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Elizabeth Reed Smith

Artist Statement

I have always been intrigued by the way the structure of a leaf allows it to fold against the weather and how shoots become saplings and, in turn, trees. This love of nature’s giants coupled with a fascination for the drawn line in the books of my English childhood led me to delineating trees in all their intricate detail.

Nature is ever moving, the seasons dictate and trees change color and eventually, shape. My drawings too take different forms, sometimes drypoint engraving, sometimes the pristine copper plate. These changes of direction are always punctuated by a return to my first love, the fine line of pen and ink.

Traveling through Asia I became familiar with the impact of negative space upon land-scape drawing. This experience influenced me greatly and now, whatever my medium, I am aware of what space made by paper, color or plate-tone on my engravings, does for the tree I draw, and in turn what the tree I draw does the space.



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