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Art Zone: Donna Leavitt (video)


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Devoid of Color

In 1930, Women Painters of Washington was launched to represent female painters from across the state and to mount regular exhibitions in Seattle and beyond. On March 5, 38 members of WPW present work that interprets the world through a palette devoid of color, exploring themes of light and dark, black and white. Donna Leavitt’s graphite drawing “Verulam” is a rendering of a lime tree in St. Albans, England, pieced together from many sheets of paper. “[This process] started in Macedonia where I served in the Peace Corps from 2006 to 2008 and had to make my drawings fit into a suitcase at the end of service,” Leavitt says. “Thus all of my big trees are done on multiple papers.” This tree is drawn from a series of photographs taken last September in St. Albans. “I was attracted to the way the light was working on the structure of the tree, and its elegant form,” Leavitt says.

Black & White + One is on view March 3–May 29 at the Women Painters of Washington Gallery, located in the Columbia Center Building.

by City Arts Staff, page 3, March 2015

Commentary About “TREES IN ART” Exhibit
Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection, Federal Way, WA

May 4 – June 12, 2013

Many thanks to “TREES IN ART” for the outstanding exhibit you presented here at the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection! Despite the single subject of trees, there was incredible diversity of mediums, including graphite, silverpoint, acrylic and collage; styles that ranged from intricate and precise renderings to gestural abstractions; and emotional content that ranged from warmly bucolic and serene to explosively dramatic.

“TREES IN ART” is to my mind among the very best of the exhibits we have presented here over the past twelve years, and for that, you deserve congratulations as well as my thanks.

David De Groot
Curator, Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

Review from Wanda Mawhinney, curator at Port Townsend’s Northwind Arts Center

Your TREES IN ART exhibition in July 2013 was one of the most successful shows presented this year in our gallery.

The four unique perspectives you bring to trees offered our viewing audience an appreciation for things we see and live with every day, but all too often take for granted.

Your show generated lots of ‘word-of-mouth buzz’ and visitors throughout the month gave very positive comments — Wow! being the most common.


Quotes from Northwind Arts Center guestbook

” A rich treasure chest, full of inspiring fabulous work.”

“The artists love of trees comes shining through in these beautiful pieces.”

“A lovely mix of the structure, texture and soul of trees.  Thank you.”

“A dramatically different take on the same subject, all of them evocative.”

“Thanks to all four of you for sharing your fascination with trees in such a beautiful way.  I loved your pieces.”

“Thank you, sweet artists, for rekindling my interest in the divinity of trees.”