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Trees in Art features drawings, paintings, and engravings by a group of  Northwest artists who share a deep affinity for trees.  While our diverse styles and media represent a range of realistic and abstract renderings of trees, we share an interest in exploring and understanding their unifying symbolism.

Trees have long been associated with a sense of mystery, magic, strength, and wisdom.  Over time and throughout history, tree imagery has been featured in myths, parables, dream theories, and art.  For example, trees are often depicted as nature’s gladiators whose strength enables them to continue to struggle and survive despite great odds and dire circumstances.  In many cultures, trees are revered as totems of unseen forces or potent symbols of such qualities as longevity, fertility, wisdom, and immortality.

A tree-art exhibition has the potential for being of interest to both art and nature lovers.  Art enthusiasts will appreciate the range in perspectives and media among the works displayed, from finely detailed drawings and engravings of individual trees to mixed-media abstractions of tree spirits and the interconnections between people and nature.  Viewers who value the role of trees in an ecologically-balanced world will resonate to the importance of honoring and protecting trees because of their documented effects on positive environmental outcomes.

Ultimately, Trees in Art aims to stimulate contemplation of both the artistic merits of trees, as well as the universal power of tree symbolism to advance our understanding of the broad, sweeping interconnectedness between people and the environment.

Donna Leavitt
Cheryl A. Richey
Elizabeth Reed Smith