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Donna Leavitt

  Artist Statement

Making art is having a contract with an idea. Drawing, to me, is a meditative experience where I enter a world of calm reflection and interpretation. Sometimes (often) the result is a surprise!

I work with dry media, colored pencil and graphite. The work shown here reflects my admiration and deep affinity for trees. They are great healers, as everyone who has walked in woods, hugged a tree, sat in their shade can attest to. I have visited these wonderful beings in many parts of the world and wish to honor them: oaks, maples, mountain ash, poplars, all cherished friends, from Macedonia to my own yard.

I like to take a non-traditional approach to my drawings by bringing the viewer’s focus up close to examine shadows and textures for an intimate visual experience. In some of the work my choice of introduced negative space is a deliberate visual interruption to keep the drawing from seeming too photographic. In the drawings that have the insertion of leaf forms the graphite is contrasted by the use of colored pencil. In all of this there is an emphatic focus on the immediate, a segment of the landscape.



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