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Cheryl A. Richey

Artist Statement

In 1973, with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, I joined the faculty at the School of Social Work, University of Washington. After 30 years in academia, I retired to focus more intensively on my artistic journey. This post mid-life exploration has become a major turning point for me and I have been encouraged by others’ responses to my work as well as the tremendous impact this journey is having on me personally.

My artistic journey is fueled by my desire to experiment with ways to explore and understand nature’s mysteries and wisdom (including my own). A penchant for haiku poetry and Japanese watercolor styles also influences my work. My process often begins with creating spontaneous, textured surfaces. Then I consider how to “make sense out of nonsense.” My creative process succeeds when I am able to integrate free experimentation and deep personal expression.

My Tree Spirit paintings explore the subtle power and mystery of trees, especially their secret lives or “souls.” Tree symbolism has intrigued artists, philosophers, and mystics for centuries. To me, trees are important for both their scientifically-documented place in an ecologically balanced world, and for their symbolic significance that represents the hidden, mysterious pull and continuity of nature.



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