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Cheryl A. Richey

March 11, 2015

 Pyrophyte 2

“Pyrophyte 2”

Cheryl A. Richey

Burned canvas, acrylic, collage on panel

36″ x 24″

In nature, pyrophytes are plants, including trees (e.g., some species of pine, oak, eucalypts, and giant sequoias) that have adapted to tolerate fire, and in some species, fire aids them in competing with less fire-resistant plants for space and nutrients. For some trees, fire can facilitate their cycle of reproduction. I like the symbolism of resilience (perseverance and survival) in the presence of fire.

Each painting in my Pyrophyte series begins with quickly rendered marks on raw canvas, which are then ignited with fire to produce scorched and burned-through spaces. After sealing the burned cloth and laminating it to a primed panel, I paint with acrylic and add collage elements to achieve the final composition.


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