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Donna Leavitt’s painting, “The Guardian”

July 19, 2011

The Guardian
Donna Leavitt
46″h x 63″w

“Trees have been imprinted upon my psyche. . . I am enthralled.”

While serving in the Peace Corps (2006 to 2008) I wanted to continue making art by drawing the wonderful trees I was photographing.
In order to be able to bring my work home with me at the end of service I had to devise a way to make large drawings portable! Thus the multiple sheets of paper which could be easily disassembled and packed up.

The Guardian is the first of the drawings done while in Struga, Macedonia, and it is of a poplar tree that resides on the north shore of one of the world’s oldest lakes, Ochrid. I like the presence that the large drawings bring to the viewer, the close-up view, causing the eye to examine texture and form and to feel an intimacy with the subject.  I continue working in this format with trees seen here and in different parts of the world.


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